“Ionian Discoveries welcomes you on board of Αγία Κυριακή, which stands for Saint Sunday.
Built in 1947, is one of the few remaining typical Greek kaìki still found in the area.”

The Ionian Discoveries was founded by Jamie Stirling on 2002.

Himself being a marine biologist, starts his career at the capital of the island (Argostoli); he dedicates his time researching and studying the population of the marine turtles living around the island also known as caretta-caretta.

In 2015 Claudia and Fabio become active associates and in 2016 they acquired the company.

Fabio along with Vasìli, the captain of the boat, they navigate and bring people to discover the beauty of the island.

On the low season, they occupy themselves into maintaining and improving the boat in any way they see fit.

Claudia on the other hand, occupies herself with the bookings, the organization and management of the boat and its logistics.

In 2017 Fabio and Claudia are creating the Ionian Ebike, the first electric bike rental company in the north part of the island.

In 2020, Claudia created the Ionian Sup; the first company to hire stand up paddle boards in the north part of the island.

In 2021 Claudia, opens at the village of Antipata just before Fiscardo, a small traditional restaurant; there Greek specialties can be found in combination with certain Italian high end quality products and wine.